Still and moving image gaffer, digital technician



Žilvinas Garnelis


Passionate photography assistant. With 5 years of experience working and problem-solving daily in big projects of fashion and advertising.

Lighting portfolio:

Lights Profoto, Broncolor, Aputure, Nanlite, Nanlux, Arri, Kino-Flo, Astera, Mole Richardson, Cream Source, Briese.
Digital Phase one, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, Canon.
Language English, German, Lithuanian.
Grip Truss and high grip, electrical knowledge up to 63A.
Driving licence Yes, B category.
Worked with photographers

Maximilian Attila Bartsch, Teresa Horstmann, Michele Di Dio, Robert Rieger, Lucas Christiansen, Ilya Lipkin, Sina Östlund, Lucho Vidales, Max von Treu, etc. See more on the lighting portfolio.


Still and moving image gaffer, digital technician.



Briese, Arri HMI, Arri Tungsten, Arri LED, ProFoto, Broncolor, Nanlite, Aputure, Kino-Flo, Astera


Phase One, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, DJI, Atomos, Blackmagic

Addidtional: 35mm Film Kameras, 120mm Film Kameras, Super 8mm Film Kameras, Small Drone Operation, Gimbal Usage

Language English, German.

Truss, Cherry Picker Operation, Basic Crane Knowlage, Electrics 16a-64a

Driving licence

PKW up to 3,5T, Trailer up to 750KG

Worked with photographers Stini Röhrs, Vitali Gelwich,  Matthew Brookes, Kristian Schuller, Jim Rakete, Christian Anwander, Magnus Lechner, Mick de Lint, Elisa Carnicer, Tina Luther, Thiago Sainte, Sven Bänziger, Mat Neidhardt